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Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake 3 ( is a new modification of the popular open source musical arcade game Friday Night Funkin' that will allow you to add, test and even edit different rhythm battle characters. Test both original characters and unofficial heroes.

A large number of mods have already appeared on the theme of Friday Night Fankin in which you will need to do everything in order to cover your opponent in a musical battle. Your main character will try to skillfully perform difficult songs, although of course this will be extremely difficult to do.

Checkout our Free Online Games, Competitions, Maze Puzzles, Word Searches and Colouring Pages.

Enter our Monthly Draw or one of our Colouring Competitions to win Free Play Sessions or Mystery Prizes.



Easter Colouring Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners Kane in the under 5's and Bethany in the 5's and over

The Play Shack Easter Colouring Competition Winners

Monthly Draw

Simply e-mail us your Name, Address and Date of Birth to be entered into our Monthly Draw to win 4 Free Entry Tickets, That's 8 whole hours of fun at the Play Shack!!!!

Tickets can be used whenever you want but only one ticket can be used per entry.

Click here to Enter the Play Shack Monthly Draw

Colouring Competition

Print out one of the pictures below, colour it in and enter it in our Monthly Draw to win a Free Mystery Prize.

Click on the picture and print off. Once you've coloured in the picture send it to the Play Shack for inclusion in our monthly competition.

colour in Birdhouse colour in Creature colour in Creature two colour in Duck colour in Flower colour in plane colour in animal colour in rose colour in sunflower

Previous Winners

Well done to our latest winners, Millie (Aged 3) and Megan (Aged 5) for your great pictures, your prizes are on their way!!!

Millie's Picture Megan's Picture Millie's Picture Megan's Picture Millie's Picture Megan's Picture


Help pre school children recognise Letters with these worksheets.

Print out one of the pictures below.

Preschool Alphabet ABC Preschool Alphabet DEF Preschool Alphabet GHI Preschool Alphabet JKL Preschool Alphabet MNO Preschool Alphabet PQR Preschool Alphabet STU Preschool Alphabet VWX Preschool Alphabet YZ


Try to solve the maze puzzle.Print out one of the mazes below

Maze Game one Maze Game two Maze Game Three Maze Game four Maze Game five Maze Game six Maze Game seven Maze Game eight Maze Game nine


Can you find all the words in the jumbled up letters.Print out one of the WordSearch below and try for yourself.

Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game Wordsearch game

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